Chatham Academy has designed classrooms, teaching techniques and curriculum to allow each child to experience success.  Students are grouped in classes by age and skill level.  A variety of modalities and teaching methods are used in order to provide for academic success.  Basic class rules are the same throughout the school to provide for consistency but allow for adaptations based on age and individual needs.

Our curriculum is based on the students’ needs and is delivered through the use of research based programs and instructional strategies designed and modified for varied learning styles and differences.  Teachers along with administrators and parents develop an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) for each student.  Ongoing assessments include formal and informal testing, teacher observations, progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences.

Our purpose at Chatham Academy is to help each student reach their potential and to work toward their goals.  In high school students take courses that follow the state guidelines which enables (entitles) them to graduate with a traditional high school diploma. Students following the college prep track take a rigorous academic program that prepares them for college. Other students use their electives to prepare for technical school or work.  We encourage all students to keep their options open so they are prepared for the future as they mature and their goals change.