Senior Class presents check to The Bee Cause Project

Senior Class presents check to The Bee Cause Project

The Senior Class of Chatham Academy coordinated a fundraiser to help give back to the community by establishing observational honey bee hives in other local area schools. With a working beehive in place at Chatham Academy, all of the students can watch bees travel from the hive to outside via a clear tube where they collect pollen and nectar, and bring it back to the hive. All of this can be observed through the double-sided glass hive that was installed by The Bee Cause Project.
Teacher Annie Quaile, who works closely with Savannah Bee Company to maintain the hive, stated “The students have enjoyed the bees so much that when it came time for the Senior Project, they wanted to give back to the community to help others have a working bee hive in their schools.”

The senior class worked hard to coordinate and promote selling jars of The Bee Cause honey. Money raised has enabled the students to add wild flowers to their vegetable garden to ensure the bees have plenty to pollinate.
Being a small school with a small student body – and only a five member senior class – teacher Mary Jane Shuman who worked with the seniors on the event stated, “We were overwhelmed by the response of our parents and staff in support of the project.”
The students worked hard to sell eight dozen jars of Bee Cause Project honey and together raised $960, which was presented to Executive Director of The Bee Cause Project, Tami Enright, on Tuesday, April 17th.
This money will enable The Bee Cause Project to install bee hives in other local schools so more local students are inspired by the wonder of honey bees. Said Tami Enright, Executive Director of the Bee Cause Project; “It speaks volumes of character and the citizens they are going to be in the world and in Savannah.”
When asked why the decided to take on this project, Senior Joseph Sajwan said; “You keep people informed, instead of creating misconceptions and spreading false rumors, you teach the kids what bees are really all about.”

The good deed even caught the attention of WTOC’s Good News, who came out and did a story on the presentation of the check!
Click here to watch the video.

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