Welcome to The Tutoring Center at Royce Learning Center!
The Tutoring Center is a long standing and effective organization, providing tutoring services to the Savannah community since 1970.
What makes our program unique is  that we offer an individualized tutorial program for students of all ages. Every student entering our program receives one-on-one tutoring with a skilled professional in the student’s area of need.
We employ professionally trained and certified educators, many with specialized training in areas of learning disabilities, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and other learning differences. We recognize the importance in having professionals that recognize special learning needs because many students are underserved in a traditional learning environment. Our tutors not only recognize need but find innovative solutions to overcome the student’s difficulties.
For this reason and many others, we have a high level of success in our Tutoring Center. Our students leave our program encouraged, more confident, and performing better in their respective schools.

Our goal is that every student receives the encouragement and skills to achieve scholastically.

The Tutoring Center at Royce is an accredited, non-profit agency supported by:
United Way Horizontal

City of Savannah

Dollar General