Royce Collegiate Institute – Bridging the Gap

Royce Collegiate Institute – Bridging the Gap

The transition from High School graduation to college, technical school, or independent living can be the most challenging experience a student can face; especially for students with learning disabilities. Royce Learning Center specializes in teaching children and adults with learning disabilities so it was a natural fit to add a Gap Year program. Hence, Royce Collegiate Institute (RCI) was established for students transitioning between high school and collegiate or vocational endeavors.
Student“There’s at least one student in every school that could benefit from this program” stated Executive Director Ron Wilson.
Research reveals students with disabilities who had some type of Post-Secondary Education experience were much more likely to obtain competitive employment, required fewer supports and earned higher wages; all which fall in line with the Royce mission of helping learners
to reach their maximum potential educationally, emotionally and socially.
Royce Collegiate Institute will provide students with opportunities to develop and practice good work habits and appropriate behaviors while building skills that may be required for employment – or as a student in a collegiate setting.
Through small group and individualized instruction, the RCI student will be assisted in reaching the learner’s academic, social and vocational potential.

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