Chatham Academy Tuition

Application Fee                                   $50

Annual Tuition for all grades*       $17,783

* Tuition may be tax-deductible as a medical expense. Please reach out to Chatham Academy or your tax professional for more information.


Chatham Academy Tuition Assistance

Limited tuition assistance is available. Application for financial aid should be completed as part of the enrollment process. The scholarship application determines financial need to qualify potential students for aid. All documents must be completely filled out and submitted before a family will be considered.

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program (also known as SB10), allows students currently attending a Georgia Public School with an IEP to transfer to Chatham Academy and receive state financial aid to do so. There is no application process for GSNS; however, your student must have an IEP in a Georgia Public School System for one school year.

Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship

The Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship. We are currently accepting students under this program which allows students to receive a tax credit funded scholarship if they are coming to Chatham Academy from a public school. More details about this program and the tax incentive related to giving to this program can be found at The Center for an Educated Georgia’s website.

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